Sitting at the helm of our team is Doreen Sibanda - a Zimbabwean who also acknowledges afro Caribbean heritage, Doreen is truly a global citizen who has lived across the world in various countries including Russia and the United Kingdom. She is a versatile and multi-talented internationally recognised arts director and curator whose enduring love and passion for nature and the arts led her to pursue formal studies in art education. She recently retired from a 16 year stint as the director of the National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe.

Doreen has over the past few decades founded and sat at the helm of a number of vibrant and successful enterprises. An active member of the management committee of the Midlands Black Rhino Trust, she is passionate about bridging the gap between the arts and nature and providing visitors to her ecological resort with a wonderful authentic nature experience that has stylistic ambiance. Doreen intends to devote more time to her wildlife passion in the coming years with plans to create a space for artists to take up work residencies inside the stunning and serene environs at Nyangombe.